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New in UMLet 15.1 stand-alone and UMLet 15.1 Eclipse plugin

  • Fix of a pesky, zero-size relation bug
  • log4j mitigation (not a problem per se, but had triggered warnings)
  • Dark mode tweaks


New in UMLet 15.0 stand-alone and UMLet 15.0 Eclipse plugin

  • Web improvements: zoom, lasso, pdf export, dark mode
  • High resolution image export
  • Improved startup and Java selection
  • Fixed custom elements with new Java versions
  • Updated dependencies

New in UMLet 14.3 stand-alone and UMLet 14.3 Eclipse plugin (p2 repository)

  • Improved OS integration
  • Improved Eclipse integration
  • XML security fix
  • Many additional fixes; see the github issue tracker

NOTE: Also check out our UMLet Visual Studio Code extension on the VS Code Marketplace!...

  • BETA!
  • For a new diagram, create an empty text file with a ".uxf"-extension

New in UMLet 14.2 stand-alone and UMLet 14.2 Eclipse plugin

  • Fixed pixel displacements on exports
  • Improved relations
  • New option to embed pdf font
  • Many additional fixes; see the github issue tracker

New in UMLet 14.1.1 stand-alone and UMLet 14.1 Eclipse plugin

  • New custom elements
  • New sequence all-in-one
  • OS-specific config dir handling

New in UMLet 13.3

  • Opaque elements (command: transparency=)
  • Line color handling improved

New in UMLet 13.2

  • Improved relations
  • Various zoom issues fixed

New in UMLet 13.1

  • Roles in relations work again
  • Bugfixes

New in UMLet 13.0

  • Context-sensitive help with Ctrl+Space
  • Simplified syntax
  • Internal re-factoring

New in UMLet 12.2

  • Improved launcher
  • Various fixes regarding transparency and colors for relations
  • Some EPS export issues fixed (still, PDF export is recommended)

New in UMLet 12.1

  • Z-layer support: use commands "layer=1", "layer=2".. inside overlapping elements to control z-order
  • Bug fixes and improved pdf export

New in UMLet 12.0beta

  • Automatically create UML diagrams from Java source code or class files
  • New graphical element types (beta), with syntax completion

New in UMLet 11.5.1

  • Z-order bug fix
  • Improved open vs. export file path handling

New in UMLet 11.5

  • Improved handling of special characters
  • Config file writes to home dir
  • New: open multiple diagrams

New in UMLet 11.4

  • Better Eclipse integration
  • Improved pdf and eps export
  • Improved stability and start-up behaviour

New in UMLet 11.3

  • Modified security manager behaviour
  • New options
  • Batch mode improved
  • New relation types

New in UMLet 11.2

  • Word wrap for custom elements
  • Improved anti-aliasing
  • Better Eclipse support

New in UMLet 11.1

  • Stability fixes

New in UMLet 11.0

  • List of recently opened files
  • Drag and drop of uxf-files
  • Updated file format

New in UMLet 10.4

  • Palette drag and drop
  • Enhanced clipboard
  • Improved keyboard support

New in UMLet 10.3

  • Improved palette handling
  • GUI enhancements and additional context menus
  • Improved batch processing behaviour
  • For developers: ant script and easier builds from our source code

New in UMLet 10.2

  • Minor GUI and relation handling improvements

New in UMLet 10.1

  • In-app mail to improve collaboration
  • Fixed some issues with sticking relations

New in UMLet 10.0

  • Z o o m
  • Various GUI improvements

New in UMLet 9.5

  • Greatly improved PDF export (performance; large file size)
  • *Bold text*!
  • Refined image export
  • Improved stability/bug fixes (export; path handling; FAQ...)

New in UMLet 9.1

  • Improved GUI
  • Better Eclipse integration
  • Printing
  • Code updated to adhere to Eclipse conventions

New in UMLet 9.03

  • Improved and leaner GUI
  • Better custom element support
  • Easier start-up
  • Better Eclipse integration
  • Improved exports to eps and clipboard
  • Linux CPU load bug fixed

Attention: versions 9+ require Java 1.6.

New in UMLet 8.01

  • New activity diagram with text-based syntax
  • Variable font size
  • New elements
  • Better crop when exporting to clipboard
  • String ids in sequence diagram
  • Numerous bug fixes

New in UMLet 7.1

  • Online help
  • Element grouping bug fixed

New in UMLet 7

  • C o l o r s
  • Bug fixes

New in UMLet 6

  • New diagram types

New in UMLet 5.5

  • Comments in elements
  • Callable from command line
  • New diagram types
  • Interaction frames in text-based sequence diagrams

New in UMLet 5.1

  • Bug fixes/custom elements

New in UMLet 5

  • Fast, entirely text-based sequence diagram
  • File requester remembers location

New in UMLet 4.5

  • Support for custom graphical elements

New in UMLet 4

  • Support for multiple palette files
  • Consistent handling of palette files in plugin and stand-alone mode
  • New UML elements (especially activity diagrams)

New in UMLet 3.2 (Note: from this version on, UMLet requires Java 5)

  • Support for Eclipse 3
  • Leaner file

New in UMLet 3 beta

  • EPS export
  • Can be used as Eclipse-plugin
  • Several fixes

New in UMLet 2

  • Bug when saving diagrams with special characters removed (Skøl, Stefan S.!)
  • Nicer arrows (Thanks, Bernhard B.)
  • Scroll bars
  • Scrollable palette
  • Palette loads from resource if file is not found
  • Better compatibility for different platform
  • Copying elements improved
  • File name shown in title bar
  • Save warning before exiting tool
  • Various palette bugs removed
  • Lasso selection of multiple elements (Ctrl+Mouse)

New in UMLet 1.8

  • UMLet is open source under the terms of the GNU General Public License
  • Support for adding new graphical elements
  • New XML-based file format
  • Aggregation! Composition!

New in UMLet 1.4

  • SVG and PDF support
  • Improved JPG support

New in UMLet 1.1

  • Grid support
  • System clipboard (this feature requires JRE 1.4+)
  • Finally, relations stick to elements!

New in UMLet 1.0 -- Released June 21, 2002

  • Easy editing of element attributes using a text editor panel
  • Full fledged undo and redo support
  • Right mouse button not needed any more, therefore useable on Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS X and other operating systems
  • Support for new diagram types
  • JPG export
  • Intuitive interface
  • Lightweight Java application

Down Memory Lane..

Our web site of old

We had to take down our intermediate logo at the request of Transport of London, lest passengers get lost

Before v1.0, which introduced markdown editing, UMLet..

  • was a Java applet running in the browser (we've come full-circle with UMLetino);
  • had a full 3D interface -- impressive and utterly useless;
  • allowed to store diagrams on our server -- sort of UML-as-a-Service;
  • had a server package called UMLettone; and
  • had an omlette-inspired logo

v0.1 was relaesed on January 25, 2001

2001+ :: GNU GPL 3.0