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PLOTlet is a free, open-source tool to quickly create plots and charts. It lets you create charts and chart grids fast, process plots automatically via batch, align multiple graphs easily, and export them in high quality.

PLOTlet runs natively on Windows, on all Java platforms, and as Eclipse plugin.
Note: this is a very early version of PLOTlet; we would like to refine and minimize its syntax in the upcoming iterations, and add new diagram features.

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Basic concept:
There are many tool to create plots and charts--the most popular one being Microsoft Excel. Excel, however, has some severe drawbacks:

- To change a diagram type, or diagram attributes, the user must often perform many repeating and time-consuming tasks involving popup windows, context menus etc.
- It is tricky to batch process the creation of graphs, as VBA is not really designed for such tasks.
- It is difficult to create grids of graphs, ie, many graphs of the same size. Especially as individual graphs are resized-- manually or automatically--they are tricky to keep in sync.

Please contact info@plotlet.com for feedback and bug reports.


There are several tools -- both commercial (S-plus, SAS, Mathematica) and open-source (R, gnuplot) -- that provide advanced chart creation. Unlike Excel, they are often command-line driven, and thus somewhat unintuitive to the casual user. Even powerusers might need to create diagrams only occasionally, thereby forgetting the particular syntax of such a tool.

PLOTlet uses UMLet's template-based creation method. Most diagram types are provided in palettes; users can easily rely on those examples as prototypes.

PLOTlet thus tries to combine easy access for occasional users with fast, text-based diagram manipulation for expert users.


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PLOTlet is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License